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Construction began August 4, 2006 on new trauma healing training center in Gitega. The first building is 12 meters by 10 meters (about 1,200 square feet).  Gitega is central to Burundi and the African Great Lakes Region. See photos...


About THARS Training

Since 2000 more than 1800 people have learned to plant the seeds of peace in THARS training workshops. In addition, THARS has provided extensive training in trauma work to a core group of 21 trainees, from 7 of Burundiís 16 provinces who are currently active in our Listening Centers. THARS has provided over 240 training sessions in a wide variety of settings. The training is both theoretical and practical. For the training of the community practitioners, over half the workshop is spent in practicum, giving participants the opportunity to test their skills in role play so that they can see for themselves how the methods work.

When community practitioners encounter cases beyond their capacity, they are trained to make appropriate and timely referrals. The training covers norms or standards of practice. These include professional standards of care, protection, making and following up on clinical referrals and accessing legal or medical services.


Training topics include:

  • What is trauma?

  • Listening skills

  • Understanding the cycle of violence

  • Traditional ways of handling grief and loss

  • Stages of trauma recovery

  • Working with traumatized children

  • Conflict transformation

Discover a new path to peace
To learn more about how THARS training can help you and your agency learn to plant seeds of peace by responding more effectively to trauma, contact:

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Trauma Healing and Reconciliation Services
Rohero II, Boulevard de l'Independance
B.P. 6311 Bujumbura

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